Turning ideas into reality Creativity & Individual approach Creating a finished product

We produce orders in quantities from 100 units.

We work in GRAFIS and GEMINI systems.

We provide THE service for the production.

We SEND cargo to anywhere.

We’re an experienced branding agency with more than seven hundred projects under our belt, and we promise more to come.

Product design

You provide us with a sketch of the product, we carry out the design exactly according to your wishes. Before starting work, we clarify the processing technology and details important for the design with the client.

We work in GRAFIS and GEMINI systems.

Selection and purchase of fabrics and accessories

Regarding THE  client’S REQUEST, we purchase all the necessary materials and accessories – from threads to personalized buttons and brand labels.

Our company works with suppliers from Turkey, Europe, China and other countries.

Packaging and branding element

We provide THE service for the production of product branding elements, such as company labels, fabric composition labels, cardboard price tags, bags. In addition, we work with accessories manufacturers who make engravings with the brand name on buttons and zippers.


We manufacture products at enterprises equipped with all the necessary equipment, as well as having quality certificates and social audit. We carry out our own quality control of products before sending them to the client. We are working on technical issues together with the production staff of enterprises.

Photo and video shooting

We offer photo and video shooting services for our clients’ products. Both shooting in the studio and on an invisible mannequin, as well as in various locations. In addition, promotional videos and videos of the production process of the product.

Sending cargo all around the world

We SEND cargo to anywhere in the world by various modes of transport. By land, air and sea. For our part, we do all the necessary customs procedures and prepare documents. If necessary, we do cargo insurance.